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Greetings Officer of the Federation,

Have you found yourself craving the company of like minded officers? Have you yet to find the fleet that can accommodate your talents in a helpful environment? Then let me tell you about the fleet that I am a member of, the 37th Defense Fleet.
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                      Welcome to the 37th Defense Fleet: The Burning Armada
"we are the last defense against the darkness, we will protect our homes even if it means to sacrifice our selves, for the federation, for freedom, for the burning armada"
we are part of a alliance as such its our duty to add the alliance network to our communication channels ((please add afcnet to you channel list))
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Eight@judgemark, Jun 21, 11 11:22 AM.
((for better understanding were to find data samples
If you are looking for anomlies, here's a quick list of where you can go to find them

MK 2: Radiation Samples, Mineral Samples, Alien Artifacts
  • Delta Volanis
  • Arucanis Arm
  • or missions level 1 - 13

MK 4: Antimatter Sample, Biological Sample, Unknown Alloy
  • Arcanis Arm
  • Hromi Cluster
  • Khazan Cluster
  • or missions level 6 to 19

MK 6: Tetryon Particle, Plasma Sample, Encoded Data
  • Hromi Cluster
  • Khazan Cluster
  • Afehirr Nebula
  • Eridani Belt
  • or missions level 16 to 29

MK 8: Methogenic Particle, DNA Sequence, Genetic Sequencer
  • Eridani Belt
  • Rolor Nebula
  • Betreka Nebula
  • Zenas Expanse
  • or missions level 26 to 39

MK 10: Tachyon Wave Signature, Exobiological Data, Photonic Technology
  • Zenas Expanse
  • B'Tran Cluster (41)
  • or missions level 36 to 49

MK 11: Chronometric Wave Signature, Unidentified Substance, Technical Schematic
  • B'Tran Cluster (41 and 51)
  • or missions level 46 to 55

Hint: Since Episode Replay allows you to replay missions at their original level, you can use the above guide to find replay missions that might have the anomalies you are looking for!

i hope this helps
fleet admiral miranda valantine))

fleet update

Eight@judgemark, May 29, 11 6:08 PM.
This is Fleet Admiral Miranda Valantine with another Fleet update
The Fleet grew to 55 members i thank everyone for there hard work
I decided to etablish a second chain of command, the beta shift, Captain Discocia is in charge of beta shift and holds the rank second Fleet XO and Chief of beta Command, ((beta shift=UK timezone, Alpha shift=CT and ET timezones)) When im present i be ofcaurse in charge
Its an honor for me to welcome back Admiral Davenport who was on Deep space assignment
I also recently agreed to a second Alliance membership with the 150th Assault fleet Alliance
((for in case the first alliance breaks apart and to keep all options open for the fleet, we also have permission to use the TS3 server of the 150th, we already got our own forum on the TS3 server and the use is optional
here is the adress:  no password and port number is included into the adress))
The attacks of the 102nd ravens is steady but not increasing, the 37th is holding its ground, I will be requesting reinforcements from the 150th and the joint special operations group and start an tactical compaine against the 102nd
Thank you again for your time
Fleet Admiral Miranda Valantine

fleet news

Eight@judgemark, Apr 18, 11 2:08 AM.
fleet xo jack lawford is still missing i have to assume he got killed in action duing a highly classified starfleet mission
i apointed captain sam anderson as new fleet xo of the fleet
captain chris meaux is our new fleet liasson
captain asora recently left the fleet to try hers luck somewere else we all will wish her only the best
i will take over the R&D department till i find a replacement for her
also admiral davenport has gone missing i will keep you updated soonest i can find out more and what actions i will take
recently the 102nd has been quite since our last assault on one of there raid sqaudrons
admiral shrel is also gone missing i hope he will be with us shortly
in good news the fleet keeps prospering and the member count is steady going up, slowly but steady
a few days ago our new flagship the u.s.s. aurora had its maiden flight all systems are operational and online
thank you for your time
fleet admiral miranda valantine

primary war targets

Eight@judgemark, Mar 25, 11 7:20 AM.
in respond of the latest news of the attack on utopia planetia and after consulting starfleet i issue a fleet wide red alert
i order all ships to frequently patrol the following sectors: orellis, gamma orinis, eta eridani, pi canis and psi valerum sector
all ships are authoriced to attack all targets indentified as 102nd raven fleet members
primary targets are: purum, ribok, dehak and the fleet comander his name is still unindefied

fleet admiral miranda valantine
u.s.s. norfolk

Voice over

Eight@judgemark, Mar 20, 11 1:13 AM.
((as all of you noticed i added some voiceover to the website hope everyone likes it
can you find them all? fleet admiral miranda valantine))
there will be a fleet meeting sunday 20th at 8 PM central time on board the u.s.s. norfolk
fleet admiral miranda valantine
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"At Ease Ensign...before you sprain something..."

- Captain Janeway
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Alpha Centauri Institute!!!
Ever since a few patches ago the game has been spotty with reliability
Shandra Jerro
Humph can't login to an PW games keep getting the message "Too many attempts; please try again later."
It seems that in the last few week STO has been more unstable that usual'
will be m.i.a. until i can find out what happened.. expect foul language and displeasure..
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