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Greetings Officer of the Federation,

Have you found yourself craving the company of like minded officers? Have you yet to find the fleet that can accommodate your talents in a helpful environment? Then let me tell you about the fleet that I am a member of, the 37th Defense Fleet.
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Eight@judgemark, Apr 18, 11 2:08 AM.
The 37th Defense Fleet is back as of the order of Admiral Quinn
Lead by Fleet Admiral Charles Arlington
                      Welcome to the 37th Defense Fleet: The Burning Armada
"we are the last defense against the darkness, we will protect our homes even if it means to sacrifice our selves, for the federation, for freedom, for the burning armada"
Im planning on restarting the Fleet, anyone still active or planning on returning send me a pm in game
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"At Ease Ensign...before you sprain something..."

- Captain Janeway
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I can't get on line anyone else having issues
who is still alive? what fleets are still active?
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Alpha Centauri Institute!!!
Ever since a few patches ago the game has been spotty with reliability
So-and-so has logged on!